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Happy Sockatoo Customers

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Sockatoos are multifunctional chew type toys that are utilized differently by individual birds and species. Some birds chew the sock to get out the contents, some talk to it, and others use it as a special friend. Because it is chewable, it provides a destructible distraction for those birds that are predisposed to feather destructive behavior. We utilize them for not only cockatoos, but for any hooked beaked companion that requires challenges and likes surprises. Sockatoos are a great and innovative choice for your bird!

Todd Driggers, DVM


My cockatoo, Kiva, has loved playing with Sockatoos for years.  It is her favorite toy without exception.  She recommends it for all her friends!


Jeffrey R

Tucson, AZ

I am Birdmom to four large, active Cockatoos: two Umbrellas and two Moluccans.  They love to chew and dismantle whatever they can get their busy beaks into.  One of their favorite toys is their Sockatoos!They love taking them apart piece by piece and then destroy each little part.  One loves the buttons best, one loves the plastic rings, one loves the legos and one loves to go from cage to cage and demolish the sock and fabric dividers. I love the anise smell on their beaks.  I buy them by the dozen, literally!  An absolute essential in my opinion!


Pat R

Long Island, NY


I have two twenty-something macaws and they love Sockatoos!  My male green wing likes to slowly pull the Sockatoo apart and eventually gets the surprises inside. My female blue and gold loves to play and fight with it wildly and when the Sockatoo is empty, she sits on it!

Bonnie Z
Pope Valley, CA

My Congo African Grey Samantha, better known as Sammy, loves her Sockatoos! She is always ready to discover what treats and trinkets are inside.  Her approach is sometimes very "ladylike" with gentle beak investigations and other times she attacks while hanging from it and flapping her wings!  She seems to like all the colors but her main focus is the contents.


Jeanne B

San Diego, CA

Einstein, Congo African Grey, is addicted to these crazy, fun toys!  When dinnertime comes, we have to hide the Sockatoos! He would rather forage for the nuts and pasta than eat dinner.  After dinner, we bring them back out for him to enjoy. It keeps him busy while we watch TV.  He likes both sizes and sometimes can't decide which to play with. The smaller one is a better fit for his play perch and he loves the pistachios. The larger one goes in his cage and he loves the dried peppers, star anise and almonds.  The little toys are fun, too! Sockatoos!  The best invention ever!


Marcia K



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